Become one of the internet's most elite models in the adult industry. Our professional staff have decades of experience and countless awards and nominations. Let us train you and guide you on all aspects of the industry such as;

  • Webcam Modeling - This high paying aspect of the industry can be extremely difficult to navigate. Everything from which site(s) to work on, to what exactly do I need to do in a show, when is the best time to work, what exactly do I wear, how do I get someone to spend money on me and even how do get signed up
  • Live Video Performances - Like, webcam modeling, this can be a very lucrative way to earn money and typically has little to no upfront cost to you. All the risk is taken by the company or individual who has spent time and effort getting things set up
  • Testing - Testing services and where to go to get them. What exactly do you need. When is it needed and what to do if your performer or company you are performing for hasn't provided you proof. This is one of the most important aspects within this industry that many models simply overlook
  • Video Production - This type of work is a fantastic way to earn some up front money and can lead to many other things. Our staff will help you navigate what companies are legit and which aren't. We will also help you find the work as well as set the boundaries of your performances and expectations. This part of the industry a lot of times is where people do things that they aren't comfortable with because they simply don't know how to handle situations. We help take out those risks and align you for success
  • Solo Sites - How to get it started and the benefits as well as the cons. We will help you know the in and outs of this long term money earning potential
  • Promotion - There are countless ways of self promotion that can be difficult and time consuming. Our staff can help facilitate these concerns and help you see where you need to spend more time and effort and when to cut loose

At CDA Models, we know that success isn't just about a specific look or hairstyle but more about branding and popularity. Aligning with our team will ensure your success in this vast and lucrative industry

Ashley Baker - 3 time AVN nominated Model of the year

"CDA Models helped me launch my career. Their staff was able to get me in touch with the correct people and eased my concerns about some of the horror stories I had heard. The self promotion and social networking piece was a concern of mine but after working with CDA, it become easy"

Simone Smith - Webcam Models Best Performance 2019

"I was struggling horribly to find my personal image before I came to CDA Models. Not only did they work with me to discover who it is that I have become but even helped me figure out things such as what to wear, how to do my hair, what make-up to wear. I owe them so much. Thanks CDA"

"I can't thank the staff at CDA Models enough for all the amazing things that they did for me. I spent 3 years trying to make it on my own and had some really bad experiences. I was ready to give it all up and go back to work at the mall. Now, instead of going to the mall to clock in and stand there all day, I am going there to buy my latest outfits!"

Samantha Brooks - XBiz Model of the year 2018